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   - Here are three "resignation notices" from LED circles, please check!

The company's board of directors recently received a written resignation report submitted by Mr. Jin xin, a director, and Mr. Tang tao, director of the company, according to Mr Opon. Mr. Jin xin and Mr. Tang tao have applied to resign from the board of directors and the special committee of the board of directors for personal reasons. After the resignation, Mr. Jinxin, Mr. Tang tao will no longer hold any position in the company.

According to the company law and relevant regulations of the company's articles of association, Mr Jinxin, Mr Deng Tao resignation will not lead to a company's board of directors is lower than a quorum, does not affect the board of directors of the company's normal operation. Mr. Jinxin and Mr. Deng tao's resignation came into force when served on the board of directors.

Meanwhile, tailong (fujian) commercial lighting co., ltd. announced that the board has received a written resignation report from the company's finance director, Mr. Huang guoqing. For personal reasons, Mr. Wong has applied to resign as chief financial officer of the company. Mr. Wong has not held any position in the company since his resignation.

In accordance with the relevant provisions, the resignation shall take effect upon the delivery of the board of directors. Mr. Huang guoqing did not hold shares in the company as of the date of the announcement. Mr Wong's resignation as chief financial officer will not affect the normal operation of the company. During the period when the company's board of directors has not formally appointed a new chief financial officer, the company's board secretary, Mr. Su fang, is temporarily responsible for the company's financial controller.

In addition, according to the announcement, the company's staff representative was recently received by the company's staff representative for the resignation of Mr. Hu ti-gang's resignation. Mr. Hu ti-gang resigned from the office of the staff and staff representative for personal reasons. According to the company law, the company's articles of association and other related regulations, the company held on October 20, 2017 staff and workers' congress, Mr By-election brush the 6th worker representatives of the board of supervisors and supervisors for the company, and Mr Song Weiquan, Mr Mark chan of the sixth session of the board of supervisors. The term of Mr. Malan's term is from the date of election of the staff representative general assembly to the end of the term of the sixth supervisory committee of the company.


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